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Tie- Dye anyone?

Updated: May 19, 2020

I figured this would be a great time for a quick tie-dye tutorial and then styling my new creation. Since tie-dye has made its come back in the cycle of fashion. It has been such an amazingly fun and easy activity for like ever. You can even create your own dye if you'd like, but I didn't go there. I bought my kit on amazon and it was like $5. The kit came with instructions of course and gave you about 8 different styles of tie-dye in order to get different patterns. It also came with the dye powder of course, gloves and rubber bands. You want a clean surface of plastic and you can place paper towel underneath if you'd like to catch any excess dye. You will need to use clean cotton or another natural fiber, or else the color will not take. It is also said that you can use any light color to dye. It does not need to be white. I then decided to style my new creation with a denim on denim look. Outfit details: crop top is from h&m which I tie-dyed, jeans are from Fashion nova, jacket from Kate spade, heels are from Miss lola and fedora is from Pretty little thing. I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to leave me a comment (:

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