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Rejeanne Bennett is my full name. I am a girl who loves fashion, fitness, food, a life of great and positive vibes. A good ole impromptu photoshoot is what keeps me going. I love the camera and the camera loves me. I was born and partially raised in Jamaica. I then moved to Massachusetts at a young age with my entire family. This was when I realized that I could do anything, I Studied fashion in high school and then also for undergrad in New York City. I enjoy styling and putting different looks together but, on a budget of course. Working in different retail brands and styling clients for many occasions really set me up for success. I live for fun bright colors (yellow is my fave), prints and I just love to always look my best. I aspire to inspire in the best ways possible. I always tell my friends "you can't look good all the time". So, I also like to share some of my off days as well. The world is too focused on being perfect all the time and that's just too much pressure. I want to be an inspiration for the women who think and say, "I can't" into "oh yes I can". I enjoy creating all types of content. Whether it's fashion looks, fitness, skincare or beauty, I do it all while having fun. The name of my blog Ouirejeanne is pronounced "We- Ray- Zhawn." It is a combination of the French word "oui" meaning yes, and my first name Rejeanne. Serving confidence, deals, and inspirations from Los Angeles.

Model. Actress. Stylist. Athlete. Creative.

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