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What you'll need for Fall 2020

These are what's trendy for fall 2020! You're welcome. All photos are shoppable with just one click. I've also added a few styles that I own myself, so look for the brown skinned girl. I think one of my favorite trends for fall is definitely the puffy sleeves. I've always love an over-the-top puff --whether it's on my sleeves or at my shoulder.

Hot colors this season

Chartreuse, Black, Grey, Rust/Tan, Cream, Orange, Dark green, Blue and all Earth tones.

Cropped blazer - See below. Photos take you directly to shop styles.

Doll dress - Volume long sleeve and short sleeve.

Bra/cropped knit top - Wear one under jacket, under a sweater, under something see through or just by itself. no shirt needed if you don't have time for one. find the smallest ones too. The smallest ones are the best (;

Marigold - A nice sunny color to brighten your fall wardrobe.

Voluminous sheer overlays - If it's big, oversized and sheer.... wear it!

Drawstring details - No matter where that drawstring detail is, it's in. Wear them whether on shorts, pants, skirt, a top, jacket, a sweater, --you name it.

Dresses over pants - We are bringing it back. This blast from the past style has returned. Have some fun with it. Styling Tip: Try wearing a buttoned dress to the waist to show off your go-to skinny jeans. Or a sweater dress over leggings or jeans.

Pleats and flow - If she has some pleats and she's flowy, we are here for it. Go hard or go home!

Maxi Sheath- If it's long, wear it! keep in mind the hot colors of the season. We love to see a body, any body, in a maxi dress.

Chainmail mesh - See through mesh with some texture, yes please!

Ruffles over the top - Ruffles ruffles and more ruffles! One layer, two layers or more!

Rust color - This is the top color of the season-- rust in all different textures and styles. Though it is typically popular for most fall seasons, it sure is at the top for this year.

Metallics like oil - Make them Holographic or multi chrome. Metallics are definitely a fan favorite during this time of year.

Drop waist skirts and dresses - Oh my. Though this look may not be fore everyone, if you can pull it off go for it! Fitted through to the hips is definitely the way to go this season.

Leather in colors - Your favorite leather pieces but in color. Not the regular black or brown leather.

Patchwork- Whether it is a coat or a jacket, make it colorful and funky. Make your own or buy one. The more patches the better.

Fringe - Fringe always pretty much had its moment when it comes to fall. So bring it all on in any way possible.

Puffy sleeves - Sleeves please! And make some puffy. The puffier the better.

Pants with multiple color tones - Two tone, three tone, four or more. Make it funky and don't be shy about it.

Peplum - I don't think it ever left, but she's in this season. Go big or go small, the preference is all yours.

Shorts to the knee - Like bermuda shorts but make it a tad bit longer. It's like bermuda shorts and capris had a baby.

I hope you enjoy these tips and shoppable links. As always, please feel free to leave a comment and share this post.



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