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HelloBody Collab/Review

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Need new skincare/body care that is cruelty free? look no further. HelloBody is here for you. I have recently started a new Collab with this brand, and I must say I am a huge fan. Nothing is overly fragranced, and it is all natural product based. Exceptionally light on your skin, just the way it should be when applying anything to your skin. This brand believes in diversity, individuality and natural glamour. So far, I’ve only tried 3 products, but I bet they are all just as amazing. You can tell as you are using these products that they are made with the best non harsh ingredients. Everything is also very reasonably priced. I do not believe there is a single item that is priced over $40, unlike some other skincare brands. There are also options to buy certain sets and they go for an amazing deal that you cannot resist.

The first 3 items that I chose to start off with are products that I do not already have/ items that I can always use. I chose the coco rich lip balm, the rose breeze face spray (refresher spray) and aloe night cream. If I were to choose one favorite out of all 3, which would be hard to do, I would have to say the night cream. I have never been one to have a full nighttime routine, but since about June or July. I promised myself that I would do better when it came to my skincare and now I have a full nighttime routine. I also did not have or owned a night cream before this collab, but now I do. It is super light on the skin and has this perfect light aloe scent to help you fall asleep and gives a nice hydration overnight.

Shipping time for the items that I first ordered took a little over a week to get to me. They had a statement on the website at checkout and an additional email stating that there may be delays due to covid-19. This was especially since they use USPS to ship. I don't typically order my items in a rush so I was not bother by the slight delay, given the current circumstances. Lastly, the cost of shipping for the U.S is very very reasonable. I typically hate paying who shipping... I mean who does? haha. If I remember properly, the standard shipping price was about $3.95 which I strongly approve of. Anyway, if you end up trying some HelloBody products, please let me know how you like them! See discount link below.

Want to learn more about this brand? click here. Shop using my link if you'd like the try some HelloBody goodies. My link gets you 30% off!

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