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An old trick that seems brand new (Dry Brushing)

Updated: May 19, 2020

Dry brushing has been a thing for years. However, as of lately more and more people are starting to rediscover it and all its benefits. The technique was introduced decades ago. Dry brushing is simple but needs to be done properly. Its benefits include reducing cellulite, promoting tighter skin, buffs away dead skin to promote smooth complexion, boosts circulation, getting rid of your toxins and lymphatic drainage. Your skin that you live in is extremely important, take care of it! Honestly, the list goes on.

Here are some dry brush dos. you can and should do it daily and even twice a day. Your skin must be dry so it's best to do is before you shower. Brush only towards the heart in long circular strokes (brush stomach in clockwise motion). Visit my like to know it to get the brush that I purchased. If you can get a brush that detaches do so if you'd like (I did not). Please and do moisturize after your shower/post dry brushing by applying lotion or body oil.

Do not let your brush get wet unless cleaning with it with natural/baby shampoo and then dry your brush faced down. Do not brush too hard and do not brush back and forth, only in one direction. Do not brush after you shower or after you have been exposed to the sun (unless you wear lots of sunscreen).

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May 21, 2020

Yayy! I'm glad. Be sure to click to link to my like to know it to shop for brushes😉


Extremely informative and and made me interested in buying ! 😘

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