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Black and Brown businesses to support.

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Want to support a Black owned business? There are countless options in every category. You’d be surprised how many there are that are quite similar to some of your favorite brands out there, especially small boutique brands.

First things first. You need to download the app called "Black Wallet". This app will show you Black businesses in your area and online by category. It even lets you add more options if you know one that are not already listed. Second, buying Black does not mean cheap. Black owned businesses are just like all the other ones out there who are trying to make money too. So, don't expect cheap, expect great quality and come prepared to support and tell a friend. This also goes for supporting your Black friends as well. And do not be out here asking for discounts either! Buy at full price and spread to word, just like you would for any other big brand/well known company that you buy from normally. Lastly before I add a list of brands, supporting Black owned businesses does not been Anti-White owned companies. It's just time that we start shopping smart and help build up the Black owned ones, especially during this time instead of continuing to make the rich richer. Each name listed will take you directly to a website where you can support or research.

Skincare and Beauty

AlikayNaturals, Thehoneypotco, Thelipbar, Bolden, Colouredraine, Reinarebelde, Blackgirlsunscreen, Golde, KncBeauty, Shanidarden, Mentedcosmetics, HanahanaBeauty, UomaBeauty, BossyCosmetics, Juvia'sPlace, Danessamyricksbeauty, BeautyBakerie, Lunamagicbeauty, Eparaskincare, Nyakio, Laurennapierbeauty, Beneathyourmask, Unsuncosmetics, Urbanhydration, Klur, Glowrx, BeautyStat, ABAloveapothecary, GetFrigg, HyperSkin, Browngirljane, PlantApothecary, Kubrakay, KantiSkin, FentyBeauty, AceBeaute, CarolinaCosmetics, OperationQueen, Feegenics, QueenBeauty, MarenaBeaute


OUIthepeople, Piperwai, AnitaGrant, Bevel (mens), KreyolEssence, SavoreFaire, Butterbykeba, LuvScrub, Worldofchriscollins, Kahhspencebeauty, AncientCosmetics,

54Thrones, SkinButtr, OyinHandmade,Theartofbodycare, SmileNatural,NubianHeritage,

PureSwag, Foxie, MamaEarthify, Alaffia

Hair care

Honeybabynaturals, MielleOrganics, Rizoscurls, BotanikaBeauty, Curls, CamilleRose, Kimkimble, VernonFrancois, Briogeo, DrLocs, BombaCurls, Ooli, Edenbodyworks,

OrganiGrow, TheManeChoice, OyinHandmade,Naturalicious,LatchednHooked, RuckerRoots, BabyTress, Tgin, GirlandHair, TwistedSista, KinkyCurly, MissJessie's,

Unclefunkysdaughter, Moknowshair, PatternBeauty, GraceEleyae, TPHbyTaraji,

AnserVitamins, Yesrally

Food & Wellness

Partakefoods, Blkandbold, BerhanGrains, CallolooBox, IyaFoods, GloryFoods, Golde, McBrideSisters, Southernculturefoods, SweetDames, SanaiaApplesauce, VeganSmart,

Hold3, Ethel'sClub, Ivy'sTeaCo, HomeBodyWorld, MovitaOrganics, BlackGirlInOm,



PeopleofColor, SuiteEleven, PearNova, PrettyDopeNails, AudaB, BreukelenPolished, 25th&June, Polish&Co, MischoBeauty, DIDnailpaint, BnailLacquer, OOOPolish, Kaeessnail


Brushwiththebest, Leafygreencreation (LA), YbyYusef, JLANIJewels, L’Enchanteur, KickyMats, ReynaOriegna (art), TwelveAMCo, Project96, Hanifa, MatteCollection, ChicCoutureOnline, ChenBurkettNY, Dashikipride, Flatoutofheels, Vavvoune, Femininesuite, BubbleCharmz, BeautyMelanin,Stronghousefitness (LA), DejaRileyAthletics, Godisdope, SorellaBoutique, Babes, NicholeLynel, GirlNextDoor, Prettyqueencandles, 3rdEyeView, ExcessiveAccessories SavageRuthless, SwagRag, SavagexFenty, ScotchPorter(mens), TheCutBuddy(mens), RiotSwim, Bikinibaddie, Whit'sSignatureTings, SippandListen, XIXI (jewelry), LaVoute, DoubleOStyles, NADIRAH &CO (jewelry), Stella & Haas (jewelry), Filosophy (jewelry),Waistbeadsbykiee, Shopcierrastrange, Msfit, BlacklightImaging, BflyLA, Baddieville, Vibeoutcandleco, Photosbyjamaal, CreatorConfidence, Juelzs Luxe, SabaGlamour, GuiltyIntimates


AnimaIris, FeNoel, OFF- White, NubianSkin. PyerMoss, MWRcollection, Cushnie, LaquanSmith, StellaJean, OzwaldBoateng, FearOfGod, Telfar, BrandonBlackwood

For a list of Black owned shops on Etsy found on BuzzFeed click HERE.

For a full list of Black owned wellness brands on Well + Good click HERE.

Feel free to leave a comment with any other brands that I may not be aware of and I'll be happy to update my list. Also, please remember to like comment and share. xoxo

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