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Quarantine and Lounge, but make it cute!

During this quarantine, you really need to act like you still care. wake up at a decent hour daily because we should be making the best of this time and staying active and motivated. Make sure you have your 3 meals daily. Shower and get in a really cute outfit. Even though you will only be hanging around the house. Stay hydrated and take some selfies. This sweater i'm wearing is super comfortable and I love the color. Bright color are the way to go, especially during these times. Colors that stand out like the one i'm wearing, really just make me thing of happiness. Ok back to my sweater. it is from target! I know right! Target has some gems, if you are willing to take a gander. this bad boy was on sale for $11. it was such a steal i could not pass it up. My biker shorts are also comfy yet stylish. they have mesh pockets on the sides so that you can place your cellphone to help it. or whatever else you'd like to fit in that pocket....maybe your TV remote right about now lol. these biker shorts are from shein and I believe they were like $11 as well. Then i decided the spice things up with my kate spade earrings because why not. Anytime i can find a reason to wear earrings I do, because i feel naked without them. do you feel like that too? Lastly, these glasses are both for show and also to help me see. They are rayban. got these babies at lenscrafters. I believe without the prescription they were about $150. i love the gold frames because it is my go to metal of choice! I own way more gold than silver pieces. anyways, I hope this motivates you to keep it cute and fun during this quarantine or anytime you're lounging at home. You can shop this look on my page.

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